Self Storage Advice

You’ve decided to self-store your house, office or other contents, now how do you keep it in the best possible condition and avoid breakages? Below are our Top 10 Self-Store tips!

What to store first

100-padlockAlways bring your boxes and square items (washers, chest drawers, bedside cabinets, tables, boxes etc) into store first if you are doing a D.I.Y. on your move as this will enable you to stack on top of these with un-stackable items (i.e. bags, mattress, settee etc).

Keep a record

Label all boxes so you know what is in them. Alternatively number each box and keep a book with the items listed inside them.

Fragile Items

Packing Boxes
Pack all items that are fragile into our twin wall boxes.
These could be cut glass, dvd players, plates, small pictures etc.

Fragile Tape

Use our ‘fragile’ tape on all items that are breakable when sealing the boxes.

Mattresses & Bedding

Use mattress bags to pack your mattresses and bedding, keeping them dust free (use moisture absorber in the bag too). Both are available to purchase in our unit.

Moisture Protection

If televisions are boxed use moisture absorbers in the box for protection against any moisture; we sell these in store.

White Goods

Defrost freezers and, on washers, drain water so there are no leaks.

Avoid mold

Wedge the door open and tape shut washer doors, freezer doors and fridge doors as this will stop any mold forming inside and allow air to circulate.


Put clothes in black bags and for suits and dresses use wardrobe cartons (we sell these) or use suit carriers.

Keep dust at bay

Finally, once you have filled your space, cover your items with a dust sheet (available to purchase from our unit)


  • Rachel Bell

    We were really happy with the service. Thank you for making the move so easy.

  • Sharon Mason

    Didn't have to lift a finger, brilliant, very quick and efficient. Couldn't have done it without them.

  • Mrs Garbett

    Couldn't have wished for nicer people. They were helpful, friendly and very professional.

  • Yvonne

    Very, very happy with the storage facilities and price and the move itself was brilliant.

  • Jan & Alan

    A brilliant service from start to finish, you have far exceeded expectations and at all times gone the 'extra mile'.

  • Elizabeth (Aged 13)

    Thank you so much for moving my things and making my house look so nice. You were all so organised.

  • Barry & Barbara

    We woul dlike to thank you al for the excellent service you provided with our very short notice move.